Visual Work: Drawing


As living growth, line finding itself in obedience to external and internal forces, trees incarnate the essence of drawing. I see narrative as another form of line developing under pressure; in this way trees fix a locus where drawing and writing converge.

South Camperdown

By the LakeBeech (2)LindenWeeping Beech (2)Japanese CherrySouth CamperdownBy the Stream (2)European Beech

New Yorkers

On the subway, in the library, in coffee shops, people become so absorbed in their thoughts that bodies express their hidden feelings. Readers, sleepers, daydreamers model absorption, a relaxed and selfless discipline of attentionā€”like drawing.


Newspaper ReaderOld Lady RiderLibrary ManBewildered ManSubway Boy SchoolgirlSmall LadySubway GirlSubway SleeperWoman ReadingTom ReadingSubway People